Thursday, April 25, 2013

6 animals that science has discovered can dance

From honeybees to cockatoos, the animal kingdom is filled with creatures that like to get down.

Smooth moves, Manakin!  

Researchers at the University of California, Santa Cruz, were recently surprised to discover that one of their sea lions can cut a pretty mean rug, especially when Earth Wind & Fire is playing. But the sea lion isn't the only animal that can bust a move. Here, 6 animals that can dance, according to scientists:

1. Bees

Honeybees actually use dance to communicate. It's known as the "waggle dance," which was first noticed by Aristotle and later investigated by Nobel Prize-winning zoologist Karl von Frisch in the 1960s. Von Frisch theorized that the strange dance was a way to tell fellow bees where they could find food. Von Frisch's theory was recently confirmed by a group of scientists that tracked the bees' navigation commands using radar transponders. The bees that received directions were even able to make corrections after winds blew them off course.

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