Monday, April 29, 2013

What the PC Industry of Tomorrow Looks Like

We are, without question, an industry in transition. The 500-pound gorillas who once dominated the technology industry are undergoing major transitions and experiencing new types of growing pains. And for many, this is extremely painful. These titans will rise or fall based solely on their ability to manage this transition and these new types of growing pains. So what’s growing, exactly? Opportunity.


From Business to Consumer

For the past 30 years, the computing industry only appealed to a small group of people – namely the business community. Many companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Dell, HP, Intel, RIM and others got their starts by creating products and solving problems for business users.

What many of these companies are learning is that business users are as different from ordinary consumers as night and day. I specifically peg Apple’s turnaround to this observation. Apple has and always will be a consumer company, one that simply struggled until there was a true consumer market. Now Apple finds success where others have not simply because the company has always had a vision of creating products for ordinary people. Apple simply had to wait more than two decades for its true market to emerge. Now, emerge it has and it is billions strong.

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