Thursday, May 9, 2013

10 Best Recent Dinosaur Discoveries

Fang Face  

Dinosaurs aren't all big and scaly. The more fossils they find, and the closer they examine them, the more scientists realize how diverse these animals were. Sure, some were massive meat eaters. But lots more scampered around on the ground chomping on vegetation. And many more than previously thought may have sported feathers, perhaps using them to impress a mate with a bit of tail-shaking action the way peacocks do today.

This gallery shows off 10 recent discoveries that stoke our fascination with these ancient animals and leave us wanting more.


Pegomastax africanus

With a short, parrot-like beak and tall teeth that act like self-sharpening scissors, puny Pegomastax africanus was one of the most advanced plant-eaters of its day. Smaller than a house cat, this little beast was likely covered with bristles like those of a porcupine. It may have used its fangs for self-defense and sparring for mates, researchers reported last year in ZooKeys.

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