Monday, May 27, 2013

A Bipartisan Commission Recommends Allowing Corporations to Legally Hack Whomever They Want


Intellectual property theft is such a grave threat online that corporations should be able to legally attack individual people deemed guilty (without due process or legal oversight) with malware, spying tools, and physical computer destruction, argues a new report from a bipartisan commission on IP theft. Rights? If you're online, you've got none.

There's a persistent belief in law enforcement and copyright protection circles that the Internet refuses to be tamed. Listen to officials whinge on Capitol Hill about the supposed "going dark" problem and you'd that the Internet is nothing but criminals, thieves, and hackers that authorities have literally no recourse against. It's all bunk, but that hasn't stopped everyone from the FBI to RIAA and MPAA-supported trade groups from trying to eliminate the concept of online privacy.

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