Monday, May 27, 2013

Adapting to life with a spinal cord injury

Life without pain would be "incredible", says 24-year-old Justin Levene from London.

Justin on the track in his racing wheelchair "It would be nice to have a bit of variety."

Three years ago, two days before his 21st birthday, Justin coughed and then collapsed with acute pain in his back and down his legs.

He had suffered a herniated disc with severe nerve damage which left him in constant pain.

After several years of surgical procedures, including undergoing spinal fusion, the damage to his spinal cord left him unable to walk.

"After the last operation I came home to my mum's and spent several months in bed. I had to crawl upstairs and wear back braces permanently.

"I couldn't lift anything heavier than a glass of water. I just wasn't doing anything - apart from a lot of origami, reading and listening to music."

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