Monday, May 13, 2013

Can Court-ordered Rehab Work?


Actress Lindsay Lohan is shown in various booking photos provided by law enforcement agencies from over the years for her brushes with the law.  

Lindsay Lohan checked in at the Betty Ford Clinic this week, marking at least the seventh time she’s been in rehab. Lohan’s case isn’t even all that unusual, as the New York Daily News points out with a slideshow featuring over 40 celebrities who have been in rehab. Meanwhile, Gawker published a guide to the most popular rehab centers among celebrities.

But it raises the question: Does court-ordered rehab work?

It can, said Dr. Marvin Seppala, chief medical officer at Hazelden, a preeminent treatment center for alcohol and other drug addiction. In fact, knowing that over 90 percent of its patients are “forced” to be there, either by a court or employer or family, Hazelden researched this question internally a few years ago. The results were surprising.

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