Friday, May 24, 2013

Captive-Bred Wallabies May Spread Antibiotic Resistance

A wild brush-tailed rock-wallaby meets an animal released from a captive breeding program (on right, with radio tracking collar).


Wallabies in captivity carry antibiotic-resistant gut bacteria, which they could potentially transmit to wild populations, a new study finds.

Brush-tail rock wallabies (Petrogale penicillata) are endangered, so in order to restore populations of these marsupials, conservationists are breeding them in captivity and releasing them into the wild.

The new study found that fecal samples from captive wallabies contained bacterial genes encoding resistance to the antibiotics streptomycin, spectinomycin and trimethoprim. None of these resistance genes were found in the five wild populations the researchers sampled.
"We found that antibiotic resistance genes from human pathogens have be.

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