Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Drew Magary and the Rules of the Fatherhood Memoir


In the past five years Drew Magary has given the world The Postmortal, a novel about a pre-apocalyptic world, Men With Balls, a "professional athletes handbook," and now Someone Could Get Hurt: A Memoir of Twenty-First-Century Parenthood. The book was released by Gotham Books on May 16, and as Magary told me last Friday, "It cracked the top 100 last night, which was good because I spent the whole day looking at the Amazon rankings and shitting myself. What did I do wrong? Am I not whoring enough? I should whore more." 

That comment is representative of Magary's trademark style, a combination of frank revelation and humor (saying it like it is while also admitting self-deprecating truths about oneself, probably in the presence of a curse word or two) that's readily present both in print and online — he's a columnist for Gawker and Deadspin, and writes for GQ, as well. Magary began compiling his reflections on parenting back in 2006 on a blog called F.K.S. (Father Knows Shit). When he moved to Deadspin he started writing about sports before "folding the parenting stuff back in," as he puts it, in 2011, with a regular column called, appropriately, Dadspin. In some ways, the latest book, which he says he wrote in about 5 months, has been a long time in the works: the eldest of Magary's three children is now seven. The book and his blogging are similar but different: "It’s the same tone I have when I write for Deadspin," he told me. "The challenge with the book was to make these bits of my life into real stories."

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