Thursday, May 30, 2013

Google Street View maps Galápagos Islands – in pictures

This summer, Google Street View users will be able to dive deep into the waters of the Galápagos and navigate across its inaccessible landscape, via 360-degree images of life on the remote volcanic islands, which includes giant tortoises, sea lions and iguanas. Hikers spent 10 days on the capturing panoramic images using backpack orb cameras weighing 42lbs and underwater equipment. The Galápagos national park, Charles Darwin foundation and the Catin Seaview Survey worked in collaboration to obtain the footage which will be 'stitched together' to create photographic tours

Galapagos island: Catlin Seaview Survey on land  

Daniel Orellana of Charles Darwin Foundation crossing a field of ferns to reach Minas de Azufre (naturally occurring sulfur mines) on the top of Sierra Negra, an active volcano on Isabela Island. The Google Maps team traveled for over three hours, hiking and on horseback, to reach this remote location.

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