Friday, May 24, 2013

How 12 Men Morphed Identities and Still Voted, Bought Guns, and Got Married


A dozen men morphed into each other three years ago, and you probably never even heard about it. Their story is now being told at Cultural Hijack, an exhibit underway in London that surveys the "provocative interventions which have inserted themselves into the world, demanding our attention, interrupting everyday life, hijacking, trespassing, agitating and teasing." And that's a fitting description of what the Czech art collective Zthoven did in 2010.

Basically, twelve members of the collective swapped identities, snagging themselves digitally-altered ID cards that featured blended images of their portrait and another person's. Make Money Not Art explains further: "With the same haircut, twelve members of Ztohoven took a portrait pictures and using the Morphing software they merged every two faces into one. They applied for new IDs with these photos, but each of them used the name of his alter-ego."

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