Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Inside the world of vapers, the subculture that might save smokers’ lives

“Smoker! We’ve got a smoker over here!”

Vapefest 2013 

A middle-aged man in a denim baseball hat and black faux-leather jacket stands frozen at the room’s double-door entrance, visibly aware of our eyes on him. He pulls a fresh pack of Marlboro Lights from his pants pocket.

Standing across a cluttered folding table from the man, Spike Babaian, president of the National Vapers Club, pulls the mic away from her mouth and points to the blood-red carpet. After a pause, the man drops his pack on the ground.

“Stomp it! Stomp it!” screams Babaian into the mic. Her long, goth-black hair bounces into a mess, accentuating her enthusiasm. The man erupts, bashing his foot onto the pack. “Harder!” The scene looks like something out of American History X. “It’s dead! Woooohooo!! Nice!” says Babaian. “We have a new vaper in the house.”

This is Vapefest, founded by Babaian and one of a growing number of large meetups happening around the country, devoted entirely to e-cigarettes and the life that goes with them.

At the edges of a Best Western catering room in Rockville Center, Long Island, groups of vapers mill about, examining e-cig paraphernalia displayed at a few dozen vendor booths. Young guys sit around tables sucking on what look to the untrained eye like fancy metal dildos from the future. Everyone is blowing clouds of odorless white vapor into the air. All I smell is the $10-a-plate buffet.

For the rest of the story: http://www.digitaltrends.com/features/inside-the-world-of-vapers-the-subculture-that-might-save-smokers-lives/

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