Friday, May 10, 2013

My Neighbor the Monster: Life Next Door to Ariel Castro

Doug Parker owns the home next to Cleveland suspect Ariel Castro. In his first interview, he recalls 20 years of confrontations, a bitter court case, and more red flags.  

Not everyone in Cleveland was surprised to see Ariel Castro outed as a villain. Certainly not his next-door neighbor.


“We are archenemies,” says Doug Parker, who has owned the house next door to the alleged kidnapper and rapist for nearly 20 years. In an interview Thursday afternoon, Parker, 47, called his relationship with Castro a “Hatfield-McCoy thing,” referring to the notorious combatants of the legendary family beef.

“He needs to dominate, and he does it underhandedly,” Parker says. “He took my trash cans from the back of the house and told me I needed to wash them. I had been there three days.”

That was just the start of decades of bad blood. These days, Parker doesn’t live in the home, using it as a rental property instead. One of his current tenants is Charles Ramsey, the man who achieved hero status for helping victim Amanda Berry escape Castro’s home after nearly 10 years of captivity.

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