Tuesday, May 7, 2013

North American English Dialects, Based on Pronunciation Patterns


This is just a hobby of mine, that I thought might be interesting to a lot of people. Some people collect stamps. Others collect coins. I collect dialects. Please let me know what you think of this page. - Rick Aschmann (Last updated: April 27, 2013.)

Please be patient! I have worked through well over half of the e-mails I have received since the huge jump in popularity of this site over the 2010 Christmas break, due to a number of web forums about it! Thanks to all of you who have written expressing appreciation for the page! I don’t promise to respond to every e-mail, but I am still trying to answer all those who sent in a sample or other information, or even a complaint. Unfortunately, my life is always very busy, and I can only dedicate a small portion of my time to this, so I have barely been able to keep up with current correspondence about this page. But I’ll keep trying! Adj. 16-Mar.-2013

 For the rest of the story: http://aschmann.net/AmEng/

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