Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Parents of China’s Toilet-Pipe Baby Feel the Wrath of the Country’s Netizens

Baby in China 

A newborn boy is pictured at a hospital in the Chinese city of Jinhua on May 28, 2013, after being rescued from a sewer pipe in a residential building in Zhejiang province.

Babies don’t belong in sewage pipes. That much the online community in China agrees upon. On May 25, an unwed 22-year-old woman in China’s eastern Zhejiang province walked into a bathroom and delivered a baby whose existence she had hidden from the world. The woman had been hunched over a squat toilet and her newborn boy slipped into the sewage pipe below, according to local journalist Dong Qi. Although the new mother used a mop to try to dislodge the baby, he was wedged into a channel 4 in. (10 cm) wide, says Dong, whose information comes from the local police chief in Pujiang county. Panicked, she tried to cover up what happened, splashing water to wash away the blood. She then informed someone in the building that something was wrong with the toilet.

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