Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sinners and Saints in the City of Sun

As Haiti’s government retreats from its ever-expanding tent cities and slums, an enterprising gang of teenagers fills the void with a unique blend of violence and community aid.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti—

A shantytown that grew to a city-within-a-city of several hundred thousand, Cité Soleil is one of the largest slums in the Northern Hemisphere, by some accounts as dangerous as the infamous favelas of Rio. 

The streets here are controlled by various gangs, some more violent than others. The most hardcore control their turf using intimidation and violence, with guns smuggled in via the U.S. or South America.

For years, Haitian gangs have been active in Port-au-Prince, controlling various slums throughout the capital. The LP street gang is one of many fighting for control and survival.

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