Friday, May 17, 2013

The melting of Mount Everest: By the numbers

Rising temperatures and declining snowfall are taking a heavy toll on Himalayan glaciers 
The world's highest peak is not immune to the ravages of global warming.  
The authors of a new environmental study warn that the glaciers surrounding Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world, are receding at an alarming rate as temperatures rise and snowfall decreases. The team, led by researcher Sudeep Thakuri of Italy's University of Milan, used satellite imagery and topographic maps to piece together the glacial history of Everest and the surrounding 713-square-mile Sagarmatha National Park. Here's a look at the report the scientist compiled, by the numbers:
Percentage that the glaciers in the Everest region have shrunk in the last 50 years

Feet Everest's snowline has climbed, as lower parts of the mountain's frozen cap melt

Yards (400 meters) the average glacier around Everest has receded since 1962

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