Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wrinkles Make Faces Appear More Sad, Angry

Aging bodies are made of aging cells that are unable to fight and heal as they once did.


WASHINGTON – Creases and furrows on someone's face may put a wrinkle in our ability to properly judge his or her emotions, a new study suggests.

In the study, participants viewed photographs of 64 faces, and were asked to rate the faces based on the level of emotion they showed.

People in the study rated the faces of older adults as much more sad and angry than faces of younger adults, despite the fact that all the faces had neutral expressions, according to the researchers. 

Wrinkles on the face can cause the mouth to drop and the forehead to crinkle, features that others may misperceive as anger or sadness, said study researcher Carlos Garrido, a doctoral student in social psychology at Penn State University.

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