Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Brainwaves Reveal Your Past and Might Predict Your Future

The day after effect of brain activation: The brain image at the back presents spontaneous (resting state) patterns before an fMRI-based neurofeedback training session. The front brain image presents spontaneous (resting state) patterns a day after the training session, illustrating the long-term trace of the training.  

Scientists have recently discovered that the human brain bears the imprint of earlier events for at least 24 hours after the experience has taken place.

That means that scientists could one day be able to uncover your personal history just by looking at your brain. And your unique brain wave pattern could also offer up some clues as to what makes you different from everybody else.

The new research stems from earlier research in the Weizmann Institute's neurobiology department regarding the constant activity of the human brain. Even when you are sleeping, you're brain is not.

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