Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Butterflies Inspire Anti-Counterfeit Technology


(ISNS) -- A Canadian company is fighting counterfeiters by employing one of the most sophisticated structures in nature: a butterfly wing. 

To be precise, Nanotech Security Corp. in Vancouver is using the natural structure of the wings of a Morpho butterfly, a South American insect famous for its bright, iridescent blue or green wings, to create a visual image that would be practically impossible to counterfeit. The technology was developed at British Columbia’s Simon Fraser University, and licensed to the company.

The phenomenon Nanotech employs is similar to the way some animals, including male peacocks, produce iridescent colors: instead of using proteins and other chemicals to produce a hue, the creature’s feathers or scales play with light, using very tiny holes that reflect different colors or wavelengths. The Morpho does this with complicated scales on its wing that produce shimmering blues and greens.

For the rest of the story: www.livescience.com/37306-butterflies-inspire-anti-counterfeit-technology.html

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