Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Does Emotional Intelligence Improve with Age?

Do people, like wine, tend to improve with age?


Question: Does emotional intelligence improve with age?

Answer: It's clear to me that, like wine, most of us improve with age in one area: I believe we become better people. My mother used to insist that individuals don't change. We had many arguments about this. 

I think our opinions are highly influenced by perception and personal experience. It's difficult to prove either side of the argument. However, there have been studies done on "emotional intelligence" that indicate we are like Cabernet, not water.

Emotional intelligence is a relatively new concept. It was popularized by Daniel Goleman, a psychologist who was a science journalist for The New York Times. His 1995 book, "Emotional Intelligence" (Bantam Books) was a bestseller. There are more than 5 million copies in print in 30 languages.

The term emotional intelligence (EI or EQ) was coined by psychologists John Mayer of the University of New Hampshire and Peter Salovey of Yale.

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