Monday, June 3, 2013

Graphic Content Of Cambridge University Law Exam Stuns Students

The uninitiated might consider a Cambridge University law exam to be a rather dry, impenetrable affair, full of technical jargon and obscure legal references.  

Graphic content of Cambridge University law exam stuns students 

However, the Cambridge students who sombrely filed into a lecture hall to sit a criminal law paper this weekend, found that the reality was somewhat more colourful. 

Asked to select two questions designed to test their knowledge on a range of legal issues, they were presented with a graphic depiction of a fictional college drinking society’s initiation ceremony involving oral sex, male rape and naked torture. 

The question provoked incredulity amongst many undergraduates, one of whom described it as “horrific”. Others took umbrage at the “total misrepresentation” of most student clubs and societies. 

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