Monday, June 24, 2013

Inside the secret Chinese jails that strike fear into the Communist Party

 It was the beginning of March when an important Communist party official in the northern city of Dandong simply vanished.  

A restraining chair inside No 1 Detention Centre.  

For 24 hours, no one knew what had happened to Guan Shaofeng, a 50-year-old biologist who ran the inspection department at the city's custom house. 
Finally, after a series of frantic phone calls, his wife found him.
Like thousands of other cadres this year, Mr Guan had fallen into the maw of the Communist party's nightmarish internal investigation department. 
The Communist Party is notorious for the ruthlessness with which it pursues its opponents. But what is less well known is how viciously it sometimes treats its own members. 
Since a major anti-corruption campaign was launched by president Xi Jinping at the end of last year, more and more glimpses have emerged of the torture that Party members are subjected to, sometimes fatally, if they stray from the line.

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