Friday, June 28, 2013

Photos of the World’s Scariest Border Fences


A test mounting of a photograph depicting the U.S.-Mexican border on the Berlin Wall. Photo: Kai Wiendenhöfer.

Back in 1989, Kai Wiendenhöfer was a first-semester student studying in Cologne, Germany. The day the Berlin Wall fell, the budding photographer rushed to the city to capture the historic moment. Since then, the Berlin-based documentarian has traveled the world shooting border separation walls in some of the most hostile cities on earth. He’s photographed the DMZ between North and South Korea, the Peace Lines in Belfast, the Green Line separating Turkey and Greece and our very own border wall between the United States and Mexico (to name just a few). Now, in conjunction with the publishing of his book Confrontier, Wiedenhöfer is looking to mount those photographs on the remnants of the Berlin Wall, creating a massive, open-air exhibition that he hopes will spark conversation about the use of border walls as a means to political gain.

Photographing the Korean DMZ and Baghdad’s concrete curtain required increased safety measures.
Wiedenhöfer has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the project, and if he meets his goal, he’ll print 36 large-format photographs from eight barrier structures around the world. The exhibition, titled WALLONWALL, will be expansive. With each photograph measuring 3 by 9 meters, the exhibition will stretch for 364 meters and take up nearly 1,100 square meters of space on the Berlin Wall, making it a nearly unavoidable art experience for everyone who visits the landmark.
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