Friday, June 21, 2013

There Could Be ‘Hundreds’ of Nazi War Criminals Still Living in the United States

In this May 22, 1990 photo, Michael Karkoc, photographed in Lauderdale, Minn. prior to  a visit to Minnesota from Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev in early June of 1990.  Karkoc a top commander whose Nazi SS-led unit is blamed for burning villages filled with women and children lied to American immigration officials to get into the United States and has been living in Minnesota since shortly after World War II, according to evidence uncovered by The Associated Press.   

Michael Karkoc, the Nazi next door. 

When 94-year-old Minnesotan Michael Karkoc was revealed to be a Nazi war criminal last Friday — thanks to the ill-advised tell-all memoir he published — his friends and neighbors were, understandably, shocked. An actual OG Nazi! In Minnesota! In the year 2013! It's almost incomprehensible.

But Rabbi Marvin Hier, the founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center — named after the world's foremost Nazi hunter — was hardly surprised. When we asked him how many Nazi war criminals may be living in the United States, Hier told Daily Intelligencer, "It could be hundreds."

"Normally I would have said thousands," he added, "but they’re in their eighties and nineties, and many of them may have died. So it’s very hard to give you an exact figure of how many cases there are like the one in Minnesota in other parts of the United States. But it is fair to say that there could be many."

Nazi war criminals are, obviously, not America's ideal immigrants. So how did this happen, exactly?

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