Friday, June 28, 2013

What will be the next global transformers?

What will be the next global transformers? 

Oil, electricity and the internet have profoundly altered our planet, but what will come next? Gaia Vince wants your help in predicting them.   

Look ahead five years... ten years... fifty years, perhaps. You will be different. Older. Perhaps no longer alive. Now think about where you will live in years to come. Think about the world as a whole. It too will be different, but it's harder to imagine how.

When we try to imagine the future, we tend to look to the past for clues and extrapolate forwards. But we are living at a time of planetary change. Over the past century, humans have utterly transformed the planet on such a scale that many believe we are entering a new geological era, the Anthropocene. In recent decades we have been polluting the atmosphere and changing global climates, reducing biodiversity, re-plumbing rivers and other waterways, raising sea levels and acidifying the oceans, depleting the world's mineral and natural resources, among many other things.

Will we continue on this trajectory? Or will something happen to shift us onto a new course?
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