Wednesday, July 17, 2013

8 Stunning Industrial Sites, From an Atom Smasher to a Solar Furnace


At first glance, Marriage’s flour mill in Chelmsford, England looks like any other drab industrial park building.

With its boxy shape and nondescript shades of army green and taupe, the factory’s exterior gives few clues to its intricate insides. “It’s just kind of a big warehouse on the side of the road that you wouldn’t really notice,” says photographer Alastair Philip Wiper. “But once you go inside there are these pipes going everywhere.”

For Wiper, a place like Marriage’s is a dream photography subject. Like most of the places he shoots, it’s industrial, functional, but ultimately visually complex. For the past year, the Copenhagen-based photographer has been documenting some of the most unexpectedly cool spaces imaginable. Wind tunnels, solar furnaces, anechoic chambers—none of Wiper’s subjects were meant to be models of beauty. Yet they all have their own particular allure. “The kind of infrastructure that is needed to supply us with daily products that we take for granted is pretty crazy,” he explains. “There are a lot of years of innovation and building and technology that we don’t really know anything about.”
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