Monday, July 1, 2013

Afghan Soldier Defuses Suicide Vest As Terrorist Is Still Wearing It

Would-be martyr was captured by Afghan soldiers in Jalalabad earlier today
It comes as 43 die in three explosions across the border in Pakistan
Covered from head to foot in padded protective gear, but with his extremities still dangerously exposed, this Afghan bomb disposal expert took his life in his hands to defuse this suicide bomber's explosive vest.

Security forces captured the would-be martyr before he blew himself up in Jalalabad earlier today, hog-tying the man to stop him detonating the device. 

But before the suspected terrorist could be taken in for interrogation, the bomb squad had to be called in for the risky job of disarming the bomb strapped across his chest.

Dangerous work: A member of the Afghan bomb disposal unit approaches a suicide attacker to defuse his explosive vest after he was captured before detonating it in Jalalabad province earlier today 

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