Thursday, July 25, 2013

Guess The World's Most Expensive City

While Edward Snowden can perhaps breathe a sigh of relief at being abale to avoid the humdrum beat of airport food for a while, he will be stepping out into the 2nd most expensive city in the world. Based on a survey of over 200 items, Moscow ranks 2nd in the world (with $8 cups of coffee and $4,600 average apartment rental costs), and Tokyo 3rd (with $5 newspapers and $7 coffees). But the most expensive city in the world will come as a surprise to most and likely create the need for a Google Maps search. With 40.5% of the population of this nation living in property and the average monthly rent a sky-high $6,500, this southern African country's capital is the most expensive city in the world (it would seem the Chinese arrival in resource-rich African nations - N'Djamena, Chad is 4th - has had its hot-money inflationary effects).

Most Expensive Cities In The World (using Mercer data)

Number 10. Sydney

Monthly rent (luxury apt.): $2,551
International newspaper: $6.20
Cup of coffee: $5.16
Gas (per liter): $1.51
A tight housing market has made Sydney an extremely expensive place for anyone to live. Few vacancies have driven rental prices higher, with the average rent on a luxury two-bedroom hitting more than $2,500 a month.

Prices for other goods aren't cheap either: Want a burger and a soda? That will cost you more than $9. A trip to the movies for two? Close to $40 -- and that's without popcorn.
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