Monday, July 1, 2013

How The Copyright Industry Pushed For Internet Surveillance

Surveillance and wiretapping have again become hot topics. Let’s see how the copyright industry has been pushing for draconian logging policies to help their surveillance efforts – they’re one of the major players in this field.


There are many different forces pushing us toward a Big Brother dystopia. 

There are those who profit off of selling surveillance equipment (obviously), there are various religious nutcases who insist that they have the perfect way of life for everybody else, there are politicians who try to prey votes off of fear. But one overlooked major player driving us towards a Big Brother society is the copyright industry.

The reason for the copyright industry to push for surveillance is simple: any digital communications channel can be used for private conversation, but it can also be used to share culture and knowledge that is under copyright monopoly. In order to tell which communications is which, you must sort all of it – and to do that, you must look at all of it.
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