Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How Panama Found A Missile And A Couple Fighter Jets In A North Korean Freighter


North Korea takes its missile smuggling compartments with a little sugar.

That’s Panama’s President Ricardo Martinelli revealing missile parts concealed beneath a cargo of Cuban sugar. The compartment was discovered in the North Korean freighter Chong Chon Gang, homeward bound from Cuba. Law enforcement seized the vessel as it traversed the Panama Canal, subdued a rambunctious crew and a captain who reportedly preferred suicide to capture, and discovered a load of what Cuba calls “obsolete weapons“—two anti-aircraft batteries, nine disassembled rockets, and two MiG-21 aircraft,” apparently heading to North Korea for repair. The sugar, some theorized, was a payment for the work.

How did Panamanian authorities catch this big fish? Well, it wasn’t as hard as you might think.
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