Thursday, July 25, 2013

So Can We Make A Whole Robot Person Yet?


Scientists announced the invention of the first functional electronic skin yesterday, a malleable field of pressure sensitive circuits thin enough to “wrap around irregular surfaces”. It seems like an announcement like this comes almost every few days. So, can we make a whole person yet? 

I mean, we have everything from brain-controlled robot arms to bionic eye implants to robot hearts, stinky cyber armpits to a robot jellyfish.  And then of course, there’s this guy. Way back in 2005 scientists were claiming it’d be possible to download your brain onto a computer by 2050, and it looks like the opposite, uploading information directly to that gooey mass of tapioca in your head, is just about there. (As long as the robot doing the surgery doesn’t get tense and have a swordfight in your cranium.)

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