Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Solar-Powered Airplane Reaches the End of the Sky Road

The Solar Impulse from the front. All photos via Derek Mead.

The Solar Impulse, after crossing the United States from California to New York without stopping for fuel once, has completed its mission and will be disassembled and sent back to Switzerland.

We swung by its last public meet-and-greet Sunday, in the far reaches of John F. Kennedy International Airport, in the far reaches of Queens, to greet the semi-famous airplane in person, and take part in—what we assumed would be—screaming, adoring crowds.


It was actually much more of a Sunday in the hangar. The Solar Impulse was propped up in the middle of the room, as spotlights tracked calmly and evenly around the massive room. Soft, airport-style jazz wafted through. We weren't sure, but it seemed like there was maybe a DJ controlling the music in the back.

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