Monday, July 1, 2013

Underground Submarine Base of the Cold War

This post is about one of the most grandiose structures of the Cold war built in the middle of the XXth century – the underground complex for submarines repair in Balaklava, Ukraine. It consists of of the repair base itself and a central base for nuclear weapons storage. For more than forty years the complex had been ready for self-sufficient existance and could accomodate all the population of Balaklava. However when Ukraine separated from the USSR they gave up on the complex, it became simply unneeded. In the period from 1993 to 2003 it was being plundered, its stuctures – dismantled. In 2004 a part of complex turned into a museum but nobody had restored it for that.

Museum visitors can see a zone around the channel which goes through the mountain, some shops and the armoury where torpedoes and nuclear warheads were kept. Out of the exposition are the bigger part of the channel, mine and torpedo part, generating station with a fuel storage unit and a system of unfinished adits.

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