Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Why Don't We Just Kill All the Mosquitoes?

Answers to every possible mosquito question  

mosquitobites.jpgIs it my fault that I get bit a lot?
In some ways. 

Only females mosquitoes "bite" us, right? Is this heteronormativity?
They use our amino acids to help them lay eggs. It's not a social construct. Our blood isn't mosquito food or money.

The traditional understanding is that carbon dioxide is what draws mosquitoes to us. Smithsonian summed up other research recently, which, if I were to condense into one sentence of advice: Don't have type O blood, don't be a large person, don't exhale, don't exercise, don't get hot, don't be pregnant, don't drink even one beer, don't have parents who got a lot of mosquito bites when they were your age, and don't wear bright clothing or otherwise call attention to yourself.

The American Mosquito Control Association would add that you should avoid Limburger cheese and perfume. Bananas are just a rumor.

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