Saturday, August 3, 2013

Baboon burglars: How gang of kleptomaniac monkeys terrorises an estate in South Africa so residents are scared to leave the house

  •     Baboons swarm SAS style up the sides of blocks of flats, opening windows
  •     For people, the weapons of choice is paintball guns and pepper sprays
  •     'No-one understands what is happening! This is a complete nightmare'
  •     Baboons infer from people's fear that they rank higher in the pecking order
  •     Those who treat the baboons with respect seem to have few problems
In the street battle for supremacy between man and baboon, it can only be said that both sides are using guerrilla tactics.

For the baboons it means swarming SAS style up the sheer sides of blocks of flats, prising open windows and plundering anything that is inside. Usually they just want food, but sometimes a flapping set of net curtains or a child’s cuddly toy bear can provide some added entertainment.

For the humans, the weapons of choice – given that their enemy is a protected species – tend to be paintball guns and pepper sprays. They have the momentary effect of driving the baboons away, but hunger and sheer nerve always bring them back.

Chacma Baboon (Papio ursinus) group climbing apartment building with person trying to scare them off, South Africa

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