Friday, August 16, 2013

Chaos in Cairo

After days of ominious warnings, Egyptian security forces descended upon pro-Morsy sit-ins on Aug. 14 in an effort to break them up, deepening the turmoil that has gripped the country since President Mohamed Morsy's ouster on July 3. Morsy supporters have been holding determined protests ever since, periodically engaging in violent clashes with security forces. At least 54 people were killed on July 8 and at least 72 on July 27. 

As FP's David Kenner reported from Cairo yesterday, riot police confronted "the demonstrations with tear gas and gunfire, moving quickly to bulldoze the barricades that the protesters had erected." The latest Egyptian health ministry count puts Wednesday's death toll at 525

Above, Egyptians mourn at a mosque in Cairo where lines of bodies wrapped in shrouds are laid out on Aug. 15 following the crackdown on the protest camps of Morsy supporters the previous day.

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