Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hitler’s Nazi ‘bride school’

London - A sinister set of rules for would-be wives of Nazis in the Third Reich has been discovered three quarters of a century later. 

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Several “bride schools” were set up with the aim of providing the perfect partners for Adolf Hitler’s henchmen. 

Regulations dictated that young women would be taught “washing, cooking, childcare and home design” before they could walk up the aisle with the men who would staff death camps and rule conquered lands with an iron fist. 

They were also instructed in social niceties – such as how to hold conversations at cocktail parties – and how to bring up their children worshipping not God or Jesus Christ, but Hitler. 

“This is participation in the resurrection path of our people,” said Gertrud Scholtz-Klink, chief of the Nazi bride schools which began 75 years ago when the first was established on the island of Schwanenwerder in the Wannsee lake outside of Berlin. Along with the rulebook found in the Federal Archive were certificates adorned with the Germanic Tree Of Life which were presented to young girls who passed the six-week course to marry their sweethearts in the SS, Hitler’s paramilitary defence force. 

The bride schools were a collaboration between Scholtz-Klink and SS chief Heinrich Himmler, who was obsessed with German superiority over all races and the need for a “strong family life to create a strong, pure nation”.
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