Friday, August 23, 2013

How to Tell If Someone’s Lying


The average American lies 11 times per week. Unfortunately, no one’s nose grows when they bend the truth, so it can be hard to tell when someone’s playing you for a fool. Follow these cues, though, and you’ll become a human polygraph in no time.

1) Find the Baseline

Before you can tell if someone’s lying, you need to know how they usually behave. Once you understand their basic pattern of behavior—quirks and mannerisms included—you can start digging up the lies. People usually deviate from their baseline behavior when they say something fishy.

2) Face it

Asymmetries like a crooked smile or a half-mast eye are telltale signs of a lie. A wandering eye is another signal, since it’s hard to lie while looking someone in the eye.

3) Look for a Sleight of Hand

Fibs make you fidgety. Liars will scratch their noses, rub their necks, and pick imaginary lint from their shirts. A fib may send extra adrenaline to the capillaries in your face—especially your nose—which sparks an urge to itch.

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