Monday, August 5, 2013

Huge mysterious pentagram in remote Kazakhstan explained

Image: Pentagram 

This pentagram, etched into a remote corner of Kazakhstan, can be seen on Google Maps. 
Conspiracy theorists, start your engines: On the windblown steppes of central Asia, in an isolated corner of Kazakhstan, there's a large pentagram etched into Earth's surface. And now an archaeologist has revealed the source of the mysterious structure.

The five-pointed star surrounded by a circle, located on the southern shore of the Upper Tobol Reservoir, shows up vividly on Google Maps. There are almost no other signs of human habitation in the area; the closest settlement is the city of Lisakovsk, about 12 miles (20 kilometers) to the east.

The region surrounding Lisakovsk is riddled with ancient archaeological ruins. Bronze Age settlements, cemeteries and burial grounds — many of which have yet to be explored — dot the windswept landscape. [10 Strangest Sights on Google Earth]
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