Wednesday, August 7, 2013

If You Insulted a Dolphin 20 Years Ago, He's Probably Still Bitter About It

A bottlenose has exhibited "the most durable social memory ever recorded for a non-human."  

The guy on the right? He's cool. But do not mess with the dude on the left. (Shutterstock/eZeePics Studio).

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION]Say that, in 1993, you were at a bar having some beers with a dolphin. Say that the dolphin said, "I've got the tab," and you said, "Okay, thanks -- I've got the next one." Say that you proceeded to forget about that promise, and that -- not because you didn't like the dolphin, or anything, just because life got in the way -- you never saw the dolphin again. Now say that, this morning, you ran into the dolphin, at the bank or in a tank or in the pool of some terrible resort in the Bahamas

Here's the awkward thing: The dolphin may well remember you. And maybe the debt, too.

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