Friday, August 16, 2013

Pangea Redrawn With Today's Political Boundaries


Now some of the islands you see are the result of creative license (many weren’t actually part of Pangea at all).
Once, the earth was comprised of a supercontinent called Pangea. So what would that continent look like if it had the political boundaries of today?
It’s hard to imagine a time when Antarctica was a stone’s throw from the Australian Outback, or when Morocco was right across the street from New York. But that was the world 300 million years ago, when the lands of Earth were clumped into the supercontinent of Pangea.

Of course, back then, there was no United States or any other country--not yet--so geologists have been less concerned with accounting for Pangea’s placement of countries than its placement of continents. In response, Massimo Pietrobon redrew the map of Pangea, painstakingly accounting for the political boundaries that separate us today. And what he rendered is astounding to ponder.
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