Monday, August 12, 2013

The town where WiFi, TV, radio, and cellphones are banned

  • Green Bank, West Virginia lies in the National Radio Quiet Zone where electronic transmitters are strictly regulated
  • Cellphones, WiFi, TV and radio are banned so satellites can gather information from space
  • Some have been flocking to the small town to escape what they believe to be the dangerous electronic wavelengths
The town of Bomont outlawed dancing in the movie Footloose, but the kids in Green Bank, West Virginia live with much worse: no electronics.

That's because the small town of 149 people lies in the middle of the 13,000-square mile National Radio Quiet Zone.

Scientists use this space to project satellites into space for research, and they can't have waves from personal electronic devices interrupting their signals. That means no radio,  TV, WiFi, cellphones or bluetooth.

Shh...Green Bank, West Virginia is home to the largest steerable satellite in the world - and it needs absolute radio silence to do it's work

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