Friday, August 9, 2013

Top 10 health tips for a better you!

Health is wealth! And to maintain yours, here are our top 10 easy-to-follow health tips.

health tips 

Eat right – eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a knave and dinner like a pauper.

Consult any nutritionist and she will give you the same advice. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and eating the right food is vital. It will provide energy for your everyday tasks. Dinner on the other hand, should be light so that it is digested easily. Another thing to remember is to avoid skipping meals. Starving yourself will not help; it will make your body weak and affect your health in the long run. (Read: Healthy breakfast ideas)

Go for regular health check-ups –Let no secrets come between you and your body.

Health check-ups are not just for old people. Everyone should get one complete body check-up done annually, to know if there is anything wrong with their body. Diagnosing a problem in its initial stage is always better. Another thing to do it to get health insurance once you start earning. You will be paying lesser premium for a good cover as you will be in a better state of health. (Read: 10 life-saving health tests you should take)

Exercise – Release happy hormones (endorphins) by engaging in regular physical activity.

The brain releases endorphins when we exercise and this not only makes us upbeat but also our body feels light and fresh. After sweating it out in the gym or playing a sport, we let go of toxins from our body. Regular exercise goes a long way in keeping various ailments at bay. (Read: How to fit exercise in your busy schedule)
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