Monday, August 5, 2013

What Does The Birthplace Of Nuclear Testing Look Like Today?

Its name evokes beautiful women in tiny bathing suits on a tropical paradise in the water, and its location mirrors the sentiment. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Bikini Atoll is a Micronesian Island chain located about halfway between Hawaii and Australia, and is what should be a heavenly place on Earth. However, its residents were forcibly relocated when the United States took possession of the islands in 1946, and over the next 12 years,the U.S. sent 23 nuclear bombs raining down on this slice of paradise, rendering it uninhabitable to this day. 

From the air, Bikini is pristine and beautiful. The plant life has regrown unchecked since the explosions and is lush and green. Some visible remains of houses, towns and graveyards give the illusion that civilization still exists on the land. The coral reefs have also been reborn and the large lagoon is inviting and clear. This island chain is hungry for tourists and has plenty of money-making potential. From the air, it hides its secrets well.
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