Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What's Wikileaks hiding in its 400GB of 'insurance' files?

WikiLeaks  On 16 August Wikileaks released an enormous collection of mysterious 'insurance' data on to the web.

The data was released in 3 sizeable torrent files alongside a message asking the people of earth to mirror the data far and wide.

The triumvirate of files are locked with NSA-approved AES encryption and weigh in at a beefy 3.6GB, 49GB and 349GB respectively.

Without a secret key to decrypt them (or a time machine and a very powerful computer) the files are useless blobs of ones and zeros that allow the safe dispersal of secret information beyond the reach of anyone who might want to interfere with Wikileaks.

The only statements by WikiLeaks have been released via Twitter……and Facebook

For now we have no idea what is actually in these files, so they just loom like those enormous, brooding UFOs from Independence Day; casting their shadow over the world's governments with their true purpose unconfessed.

Of course the dearth of actual cold hard facts to accompany the data, and the fact that this isn't the first time Wikileaks has done this, hasn't stopped widespread conjecture and wonderment about this curious happening.

El Reg speculates that the files are a warning shot across the bows of 'anyone seeking to nobble either Julian Assange or Edward Snowden' - a dead man's switch that will unleash a payload of pay dirt if the anointed heroes of free speech ever release their grip on it.

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