Thursday, August 8, 2013

Why Is It Illegal to Remove Your Mattress and Pillow Tags?

pillowsWell Mark, unbeknownst to many innocent consumers out there, the warning that it is unlawful to remove the tags from a mattress or pillow is not for you! It is for pillow and mattress sellers only. 

How many times does that mean you have unnecessarily awoken with the long pillow tags rhythmically flying in and out of your gaping lips, in sync with your snoring- all because you – a law abiding citizen – are afraid the pillow and mattress tag police may raid your house and find you guilty of snipping off those annoying tags?  Fear no longer!

The specific US Code we’re dealing with here is Title 15 – Commerce and Trade, Chapter 2, Subchapter V – Textile Fiber Products Identification, Section 70c – Removal of stamp, tag, label, or other identification Statute (a) Removal or mutilation after shipment in commerce.  This states:

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