Monday, September 23, 2013

Compulsive pornography users shows the same brain activity as alcoholics and drug addicts

'Addiction' part of brain flashes when 'porn addicts' viewed x-rated material
The results are expected to open up debate on porn as an addiction 

Compulsive users of porn show the same signs of addiction in their brain as those hooked on booze or drugs, according to  researchers.

The brains of young men who are obsessed by online pornography ‘lit up like Christmas trees’ upon being shown erotic images, a pioneering study has found. 

The area stimulated – the part of the brain involved in processing reward, motivation and pleasure – is the same part that is highly active among drug and alcohol addicts.

brain scans showing stimulation levels in porn addicts

Lit-up: The brain scans of porn addicts, below, show more pronounced stimulation when watching x-rated material when compared to those not addicted, above

The Cambridge University research, the first of its kind in the world, will increase pressure on the Government to follow through on its promise to shield youngsters from ‘poisonous’ websites.

The Daily Mail has vigorously campaigned for an automatic block on online adult videos and images, which would mean over-18s having to opt in to be able to see them.

Watching porn online is the norm for boys as young as 13, a shocking survey recently revealed.
Campaigners have also warned that increasing porn use among teenagers warps their view of sex and prompts boys to treat girls as sex objects.

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