Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Most Seamless Timelapse of an Aging Human Face


The problem with aging isn't that it's completely awful. Growing old kind of rules. The thought of slow-arcing into your twilight years is poignant enough that it bears a certain and profound beauty. 

The problem with the aging process is that it can be really difficult, almost incomprehensibly so, to actually see it going down year to year. 

Danielle by Anthony Cerniello is far and away one of the most breathtaking stabs at condensing the feature warpage of time. Visual meditations on growing old and wisened typically come in the form of taking a photo a day for years on end. Cerniello did not do this; instead, he shortened the process down to a single day of headshots and a little studio magic. 

 It all started last Thanksgiving, when Cerniello and still photographer Keith Sirchio made their way to the family reunion of Danielle, a friend of theirs. The pair shot portraits of Danielle's extended family, from her youngest cousins to her elders, in medium format. Per Colossal: 
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