Friday, September 20, 2013

Titanic II model tested

A model of the proposed 'Titanic II' cruise ship – a replica of the ill-fated Titanic liner – has been tested in Germany.  

Titanic II model tested 

The 9.3-metre wooden model that was put through its paces in Hamburg 

The 9.3-metre wooden model was put through propulsion and power testing in a 300-metre tank in Hamburg earlier this month, ahead of the ship’s construction in China.

Clive Palmer, the wealthy Australian behind the project, said the results would be received later this year. 

Mr Palmer first announced his intention to build a replica of the Titanic last year. The vessel is expected to make its inaugural cruise in late 2016, sailing from Southampton to New York. It will be built to resemble the original, with the only upgrades being air conditioning, a hospital and a helipad. 

Mr Palmer has suggested that there will be no televisions or internet access, and said that passengers will be provided with period clothing should they wish to dress up. 

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