Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wire your Brain to Pick up a New Language Today

Have you ever wondered how some people can speak multiple languages fluently or how some people seem to pick up new languages little effort? Many of these people have used the Pimsleur Approach – A well known provider in audio-based language learning. It’s  a unique method that’s been used by over 25 million people to quickly and effectively start speaking a new foreign language in just 10 days. Even the FBI purchased the Pimsleur Approach.

The Secret to Start Speaking a Language in just 10 Days Revealed

In today’s global society, learning a foreign language is crucial, whether you need it for work or pleasure. With the right tools and training, you’ll be able to connect with new friends and business acquaintances more effectively thanks to your new ability to speak, listen, learn and 
improvise in another language. And it is much simpler than people think.

Pimsleur Approach

Numerous studies have revealed that in most countries, native-speakers use only about 2,500 distinct words and phrases on a daily basis. Dr. Paul Pimsleur, creator of the Pimsleur Approach, spent his lifetime studying these language building blocks. By aiming each lesson at teaching you to use those 2,500 words, the Pimsleur Approach teaches you to speak relevant phrases in the least amount of time. It’s not how many words you know, but rather, how relevant those words are.

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